Site permetttant la création de boîtes

Templatemaker :  Plein de boite type pliage (plutot pour production en carton )

Makercase – basic boxes only

  • ConnectionLab – basic boxes only
  • – basic boxes only
  • Jerome Leary‘s box generator – a fairly well-featured box generator that includes some interesting options, including a frame, box dividers (one direction only), and truss style supports for lightweight boxes.
  • Festi web interface – a web interface for the library below. Lots of different parameterised box types available (thanks @ffesti for the tip!)
  • Joinery(Instructable here) is a very cool looking online tool for taking regular un-jointed SVG designs and applying joints of all kinds to edges – not just straight edges or box panels, and not just finger joints: it can also make suitable joints for laser cut fabric, cardboard and paper! NOTE: This tool is designed for adding joints to existing non-jointed plans and shapes, not for building plans from scratch.

Coder vos boîtes

  • Box-O-Tron, a T-Slot box script for Python
  • Parametric box modeller for OpenSCAD
  • Festi, an amazing set of scripts that allows you to do some very advanced parametric designs for both basic boxes right through to virtually ready-to-use products, including:
    • Boxes in various shapes and with various lids
    • Boxes using flex cuts with rounded corners and living hinges
    • Type trays with and without outer walls and floors
    • Book covers with flex spine
    • Magazine files, and more…


Inkscape plugins

  • My Tabbed Box Maker – facile d’utilisation il permet de nombreuse découpe
    • Adjustable kerf
    • « Hairline » line thickness adjustment for Epilog lasers
    • Ability to cut 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2-faced « boxes »
    • Ability to quickly configure slotted internal divisions, both X and Y
    • Includes a Schroff case generator (Thanks to John Slee)
    • (new) Internal divisions can now either be keyed into the box sides or removable
  • Original Tabbed Box Maker Pluging original et ses variantes here.
  • Another fork
  • Box Maker
    • Adjustable kerf
    • The ability to create « press-fit » tabs, either slightly rounded or trapezoidal
    • Configurable number of tabs for each edge
    • Can create a tight 0-kerf plan to use minimal material (but joints will be loose)

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