Voici un super slicer OS hyper puissant (surtout lorsque CurviSlicer sera totalement intégré)

Merci à Pierre Bedell qui m’a aidé  pour obtenir un profile pour ma Sigma R17.


Pour installer le profile et découvrir les modifs, je laisse pierre expliquer :

Hello Julien,
I think I found the real culprit!

M92 E510.9
Theses two lines of the header redefine the E-steps, so it is the origin of your problem…
Theses lines were included in the header in previous versions of BCN3D’s Cura (on which the profile was originally based), and were intended to be a fix for the first versions of the R19 profiles.
Can you try to delete theses lines in your IceSL’s R19 profile, and see if it resolve your issue?
You can find the profiles folder in icesl-printers/fff , located in %appdata%/IceSL on Windows, or at the root of your IceSL folder on Linux.
I will prepare an update of the Sigma profiles based on your feedback!
Pierre. »